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Vega MAS Oval Tire  MCS -Yellow
Vega XS - White Tire  MBM -White
Vega XHE - Green Tire  XHE - Green
  MCH - Blue
Vega VAH - Red  VAH - Red
Vega FH tire compound  FH - Blue
  XH - Green
Vega XS - White Tire  XM - White
Vega XP - Yellow Tire  XP - Yellow
Vega Cadet Tire  Cadetti
Vega W4 Rain Tire  W5 Rain

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Vega tire is pleased to announce a driver contingency program for the Daytona WKA Road Race event in 2018.
Click here for more information.
Click here for tips on Vega Enduro tire selection.
Click here for the WKA Vega Tires Road Racing Series
2019 Schedule.
Vega WKA Road Race Series Logo
Vega AKRA Logo
Click here to see the 2019 schedule for the
AKRA Road Racing Series presented by Vega Tires.
Vega Dirt Series Logo

VEGA announces the Vega Dirt Series Florida. Six events run at four of Florida's premier karting dirt tracks. Check for updates.



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