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Tire Catalog Page
Vega MAS Oval Tire  MCS -Yellow
Vega XS - White Tire  MBM -White
 MBH - Red
 EM - Enduro
Vega FH tire compound  FH - Blue
 XH - Green
Vega XS - White Tire  XM - White
Vega XP - Yellow Tire  XP - Yellow
Vega Cadet Tire  Cadetti
Vega W4 Rain Tire  W5 Rain

Check out the Vega Tire Catalog.

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Introducing the Vega FH Tire
The Vega FH is quickly becoming the "tire of choice" for clubs around the country.  The Vega FH gives excellent grip with durability that has not been seen in the US for years.  Consistent lap times through multiple heat cycles are what make the Vega FH the right tire for today's karting clubs.
Call Vega USA at 352-793-9600 for complete information and the Vega Spec Tire Program for your club.

The Vega Dealer map has been updated.


Vega has your oval tire needs covered.

The Vega MCS "Yellow" tire is the soft compound.

The Vega MBM "White" tire is the medium compound.

The Vega MBH "Red" tire is the hard compound.

Vega MBM has been named the QMA Spec Tire through 2016.







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