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The following links provide technical specifications on each of the Vega tires.

  MCS Yellow 6" Soft - Med Tire
  MCM -White 6" Medium Tire
  XHE - Green 6" Medium/Hard Tire
  MCH - Blue 6"Hard Tire
Vega VAH tire compound  VAH - Red 5" Medium/Hard Tire
Vega FH tire compound  FH - Blue 5" Medium/Hard Tire
  XH - Green 5" CIK Hard Tire
  XM - White 5" CIK Medium Tire
  XP - Yellow 5" CIK Soft Tire
  Cadetti 5" Cadet Hard Tire
  W5 Rain 5" CIK Rain Tire

MCS 6" (Yellow) 
The MBS tire is designed specifically for the North American dirt and pavement oval market.  After extensive research, development and track testing, the MCS tire fulfills the needs of North American oval racers.
  The MCM tire was specifically designed to meet the standards set for the "Spec Tire" market.  Great performance, matched with excellent durability and repeatability make the Vega MCM the best all around performer in the 6" market.
MCH 6" (Blue)  The MCH tire is the fastest, most durable tire on the market for hard, fast dirt tracks.  Increased wear without sacrificing performance make the Vega MCH the tire of choice.

XHE 6" (Green)  The XHE tire was designed for abrasive enduro tracks. The superior compound has made the XHE a winner right out of the box.
FH (Blue)  The Vega FH is the latest technology for karting tires.  Easy to mount, easy to tune, consistent lap times through multiple heat cycles make the FH the tire for US racers. 
XH (Green)  The new Vega tire of CIK-FIA homologated hard compound. XH was designed to challenge national and international competitions, where homologated hard tires are required.
XM (White)
   Our most popular medium compound tire. XM tires provide consistent performance with excellent wear resistance for the entire life of the tread.

XP (Yellow)
   Our softest compound tire, designed for maximum performance.  Cutting edge technology in both the structure and compound of the XP tire.
W5 (Rain)  
CIK rain tire, combines an increase in the grip on wet tracks due to a new compound and design characteristics, and provides excellent resistance to abrasion.
Cadetti (Cadet)   A hard compound tire that is reasonably priced.  The Cadetti is an excellent choice for clubs that want a low cost, high quality, performance tire.



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