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MCM White 6" Tire

The MCM tire is designed specifically for the
spec tire market.


}Consistent lap times for multiple runs.
}Excellent wear through the life of the tire.
}Works on concrete, asphalt & dirt tracks.
}Consistent sizing for all tires out of the box.
}$ savings for your club members.
  • Do not exceed 4 bars or 62 psi when mounting the tire to the rim.

  • Even though there is a triangle on the tire, the Vega MCM can be
    mounted in either direction.  There is no directional rotation on the tire.

  • Air Pressure: Start with the same air pressure as you normally use. 
    Some karters have used 1 to 1 1/2 PSI more air than they normally use. 

Size Tread
Width Mounted
450-6 .050"/.060" M655-74601 6 1/2" 32 1/2"
650-6 .060"/.070" M692-74605 9 1/4" 33 1/2"
800-6 .080"/.090" M699-74606 10" 34"

Mounted circumferences are obtained by using a tire mounting band like
 TS Part # T 6720




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