Technical Information

MCS Yellow 6" Oval Tire

The MCS tire is designed specifically for the North American dirt and pavement oval market. After extensive research, development and track testing, the MCS tire fulfills the needs of North American oval racers. The MCS tire was designed with the racer in mind. By using the latest technology and feedback from racers we feel the MCS tire is superior to all other tires produced today. The advanced compound natural rubber tire works great straight out of the wrapper. The reduction in tire cutting, and the long durability of this tire gives the racer the performance he needs to win at a fraction of the cost.

  • Do not exceed 4 bars or 62 psi when mounting the tire to the rim.
  • Even though there is a triangle on the tire, the Vega MCS can be mounted in either direction.  There is no directional rotation on the tire.
  • Air Pressure: Start with the same air pressure as you normally use.  Some karters have used 1 to 1 1/2 PSI more air than they normally use.
Size Tread
Width Mounted
450-6 .050"/.060" 6 1/2" 32 1/2"
600-6 .060"/.070" 8 1/2" 33"
800-6 .080"/.090" 10" 34"
800-6 Thin .060"/.070" 10" 34"

Mounted circumferences are obtained by using a tire mounting band like
 TS Part # T 6720


MCS 450-6 MCS 600-6 MCS 800-6
Size 10.5x4.50-6 11.5x6.00-6 12x8.00-6
Hardness IRHD [+/-3] 49 49 49
Sug. Pressure
Max Speed
Weight Kg 1,050 1,270 1,595 - 1,460
Weight Oz 37 44.8 53

The Vega tire has displayed very positive results in several areas.

  • Performance: The new Vega Oval tire, straight out of the wrapper, has tested to be as fast or faster than the previous spec tire that has been cut and prepped.
  • Excellent wear: The special natural rubber formula has increased tire life 2 to 5 times over the current spec tire.
  • Resistant to heat cycles: Testing has proven that there is little or no decrease in performance after several heat cycles. This allows the karter to use the same tires over several weekends without a decrease in performance.
  • No need for tire cutting: After extensive testing, the tire has been manufactured with the correct thickness of rubber for maximum performance without cutting.

Mounted circumferences are obtained by using a tire mounting band like TS Part # T 6720


Vega MCS