Technical Information

MDH Blue 6" Oval Tire

The MDH tire is the fastest, most durable tire on the market for hard, fast dirt tracks. Increased wear without sacrificing performance make the Vega mdh the tire of choice. The MDH beat both the Firestone and Maxxis tires in head to head competition. In addition, the tire is more durable than the competition, allowing racers to run the tire many more times than the "one run and done" that exists in the market now. Racers appreciate the speed, durability, ease of prep and low price of the Vega mdh Blue tire. The MDH is available in all the required sizes: 4.50, 6.00 and 8.00 (extra wide).

  • Do not exceed 4 bars or 62 psi when mounting the tire to the rim.
  • Even though there is a triangle on the tire, the Vega MDH can be mounted in either direction.  There is no directional rotation on the tire.
  • Air Pressure: Start with the same air pressure as you normally use.  Some karters have used 1 to 1 1/2 PSI more air than they normally use.
Size Tread
Width Mounted
450-6 .050"/.060" 6 1/2" 32 1/2"
600-6 .060"/.070" 8 1/2" 33"
800-6 .080"/.090" 10" 34"

Mounted circumferences are obtained by using a tire mounting band like TS Part # T 6720


Vega MDH