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5" XM - CIK F/Z Prime White


The new XM is the successor of the legendaryl “white”, the Vega medium compound that has dominated the market and the competitions all over the world on previous 10 years. Thanks to the improvements in the processes and the introduction of innovative prime materials, the new XM has been able to improve the overall performances and guarantee a minimum life of 150 km. The obtained result is a formidable compromise between GRIP, whose levels have been maintained, and wear resistance that has been increased for all track conditions, thanks to the highest quality of compounds. The tyre performances, now more than ever, is consistent the entire life of the tyre. 

    XM46 (Front) XM71 (Rear)
Size   10x4.60-5 11x7.10-5
Hardness IRHD [+/-3]   40 40
Sug. Press  [+/-0.2] BAR 0,56 0,56
PSI 8 8
Max Speed Km/h 200 200
Mph 125 125
Weight kg [+/- 5%]   1,150 1,630




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