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5" XS - White

Vega has decided that homologated medium compound tires for the years 2005/2007 will still be named XS. This brand name is synonymous with high quality manufacturing and, above all, synonymous with the ultimate racing performance. In fact until now, the white has been chosen by the majority of drivers in all European championships, where homologated medium compound tires are required. In view of the new homologation period, we have further improved the tire, with the clear goal to retain the market domination we have had during the past three years. The results we have achieved are the ultimate optimization of the levels of grip and wear resistance, to produce a tire with consistent performance for the entire life of the tread.


    XS46 (Front) XS65 (Rear) XS71 (Rear)
Size   10x4.60-5 11x6.50-5 11x7.10-5
Hardness IRHD [+/-3]   38 36 36.5
Sug. Press  [+/-0.2] BAR 0,56 0,56 0,56
PSI 8 8 8
Max Speed Km/h 200 200 200
Mph 125 125 125
Weight kg [+/- 5%]   1,110 1,470 1,630




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