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Track & Promoter Program

The Vega Awards program rewards track owners and race promoters.   It is easy to sign up.
Just fax this PDF form or click here for online registration of your open tire rule track or series.  At the end of your event, post the Vega Oval winners on our easy to use web site.  For every Vega Oval winner at your track, you will receive Vega points redeemable for your choice of merchandise at
TS Racing.  This merchandise can be used for end of year banquets or other track promotions throughout the year.  The more entries you have, the more Vega points you will win. 

Award Details:

  • Track or promoter must be registered with the Vega Awards program.

  • Track or promoter must display a Vega track banner.
    (To be supplied by Vega.)

  • Event must have a minimum of 30 entries to be eligible.

  • Only "Open Tire" classes count toward total entries.

  • Approved liability insurance required.

  • Track or promoter must enter the following information at following the event:

  • Date, winners full name, class won, number of entries in class, total entries.  (This is done on an easy to use online form. Click here for a sample submission page. )

  • Only one track or promoter is eligible to receive points per race event.

  • Points are awarded based on the karter criteria listed below with one point per class win.

 Track or promoter awards:

To calculate points earned:
Count the number of class winners on Vega Oval tires that met the set criteria.
Take this number times the total entry multiplier:
30 to 100 entries = a 1.0 multiplier,
101 to 150 entries = a 1.5 multiplier,
150 + entries = a 2.0 multiplier.

(Example for 6 class winners at one event with 175 total entries---
6 x 2.0 = 12 points for that event.)

Total points accumulated for the year is then multiplied times 5 for total merchandise payout.

(Example: Total yearly points of 500 X 5 = $2500.00 in TS Racing merchandise.)

Merchandise is shipped F.O.B. Bushnell, Fl.
The Vega Awards program runs through 31 Nov 2006.

****Contact us to discuss the generous programs  available for Spec Vega Oval series.****


Helpful links and forms:

Online Track Registration Form

Printable Track Registration Form

Scale House Winner Log Sheet

Vega Awards Artwork & Logos




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